The brain is the control center of the body, so it makes sense that this highly specialized organ deserves the best care possible! At American Wellness and Rehab Clinic, we offer a variety of Brain Care services.

We have many different therapies including:
• Neuro Feedback
• Neuro Sage
• Visualization
• Light Therapy
• Neuro Therapy
• Interactive metronome therapy
• Neurological Exercises
• Neurological Gate Training Therapy

That’s not the only ways in which we are on the cutting edge of Brain Care. We are using Dr. Robert Mellilo’s Neuro Development Brain Balance Program to help correct reflex imbalances. We can also assess neurological imbalances and customize a therapy for each patient according to their needs. And we also use the Bredesen program to help prevent against Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Our average treatment package is 12 weeks of neurotherapy. We use all of our neurotherapy tools to see amazing results in a matter of weeks, when others usually take 12 months to see results.

We also offer the Walsh Blood Draw. This tells us exactly what vitamins the body is deficient in. Rather then just supplementing by guessing, we find the exact deficiency and only supplement with what that person needs. This helps us customize a plan for each individual.

Interested in learning more about Brain Care? Contact us today at (801) 327-8700.

QEEG Brain Map

Our doctors use functional neurology, instead of just treating patients that claim they might have symptoms of depression, we can take a look inside the brain to see what symptoms the brain is actually experiencing. We can see if the patient is really experiencing another condition like ADHD or anxiety!

We can see what areas of the brain are overactive or underactive, and specifically treat those areas with laser or neuro therapy. We can also use our brain scan to see live brain activity as we are undergoing a treatment. We can see if the treatment is correcting the hyperactivity and adjust our treatment therapies based on what is actually going on in the brain. Click the image below to see a full Brain Map Report!