What is the Importance of Copper Levels for My Health?

Researchers uncover copper distribution in brain development

Copper is a very important trace mineral in our body.  There are very many important roles that copper is in charge of, such as working closely with iron to help the body make red blood cells.  Copper also helps to maintain good function of our blood vessels, nerves, immune system, and bone healthy. Copper also helps with iron absorption.

Copper is the main co helper in the respiration (using oxygen for energy) process in the brain.  Because our brain takes up 20% of the entire oxygen supply to be able to function, most of the copper levels are found in the brain.  Because of its presence in important proteins and enzymes, copper also is involved in many metabolic processes including helping with many enzymes and their activities related to brain neurotransmitter function. Dynamic and loosely bound pools of copper can also modulate neural activity and are essential for the normal development of synapses and circuits.”

Copper is a big trouble maker if it is not bound, or properly oxidized.  When there is a disruption in the copper oxidation  process, this has been linked to several neurological disorders including, depression, anxiety, Alzheimers, and dementia.   Copper must be buried deep within enzymes to protect against the production of oxidative stress which then becomes a free radical causing excess damage.

                        The Copper Toxicity Epidemic: Top 10 Health Conditions, Strategies & Solutions – Metabolic HealingMorley Robbins on Copper Deficiency and Mineral Balance – Nourishme Organics

Having just a little bit more knowledge regarding Copper is important for all of us.  In later topics, we will discuss the role of zinc and what happens if the copper and zinc ratio are not in balance…..stay tuned!


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