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Thermography is a test that uses an infrared camera. The goal is to detect any heat patterns and blood flow in body tissues.

In fact, digital infrared thermal imaging, or DITI, is the type of thermography that is used to detect and diagnose breast cancer. It helps reveal temperature differences on the breasts’ surface to diagnose breast cancer.

How does thermography in South Murray, UT work?

At our thermography clinic in Salt Lake City, we offer this treatment. The idea behind it is that as cancer cells multiply, they will need more oxygen-rich blood to grow. This causes the temperature around a tumor to rise, and thermography could detect it.

The advantages of Murray thermography are that it is not a treatment that gives off radiation as mammography does. It utilizes a low dose of X-rays to take pictures inside the breasts. However, it is not a procedure that is as trusted as mammography is for detecting breast cancer.

Is thermography an alternative to a mammogram?

Murray UT thermography is a procedure that has existed since the 1950s. It was first used as a screening tool. Still, in the decade of the 1970s, a study called Breast Cancer Detection Demonstration Project found that it was less sensitive than a mammogram at picking up cancer.

Therefore, it is a treatment that is not considered as an exact alternative to mammography. However, it is an excellent option as a test for women under 50 years old or those who have dense breasts.

Thermography has been used since 1956 for breast cancer detection. The thermoscan, on its part, was cleared by the FDA in 1982 as a procedure for breast cancer screening.

For instance, cancerous cells may have higher temperatures, and some neurological processes show, on the other hand, hypothermia or excessive cold.

What to expect during a Utah thermography procedure?

One of the things you should expect is to be asked not to wear deodorant on the day of the exam. You will also be asked to undress from the waist up to get acclimated to the room’s temperature. 

Then, you will have to stand in front of an imaging system, and a technician will take about six images of your breasts, including front and side views. The entire test takes about 30 minutes to complete.

After a doctor analyzes your images, you will get the results within a few days.

The upside of thermography in any wellness and rehab center is that it is a noninvasive test. There is no radiation exposure, no compression of your breasts, and no risks associated with the test.

Today, thermography is one of the greatest diagnostic tests available for breast cancer. Besides, with the advance in technology and image processing, a superior detection of heat waves helps pick up diseased or inflamed cells and find cancer at an early stage.

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