Should I Consider Replacing My Hormones?

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To introduce the idea that a woman may want to consider taking any type of hormone replacement, she first needs to understand what hormones do for her body and for her overall health.

Hormones are considered the “messengers” that ensures each cell knows what to do and has the ability to do it.  Think of a hormone as a key player in the pony express.  They travel to the target tissue or organ with a very important message.  A message that MUST reach the proper destination.  If the cell does not get this message, there are many pathways that will not function properly or at all!

Hormones might tell the cell to grow or to stop. It might instruct a cell to change its shape or activity. These instructions may cause the heart to pump more rapidly or signal hunger to the brain. Another hormone might give you the sensation that you’re full. One hormone latches onto a sugar molecule in your bloodstream and then helps carry the sugar into cells to provide fuel for their work. Yet another hormone might tell your body to burn some nutrients as fuel — or instead store this energy as fat to use at a later time.  Hormones are every where!! They orchestrate every thing!

As a woman ages, she loses a good portion of the hormones that was needed for pregnancy and creating life. She doesn’t need that much anymore.  BUT…..she never stops needing these hormones.  When her ovaries shut down,   she must rely on the hormones from her liver, brain, and adrenal glands.  For many women, there seems to be an adequate production of the hormones she needs.  She feels pretty good, and is pretty healthy.  She may not experience any menopause symptoms…..  BUT, there are many many cells that are pre aging and shutting down due to the allotted amount of hormones now available.

Other women do not transition well at all after the ovaries close up shop.  From the get go, they feel miserable.  Can’t sleep, mood is all over the place, ornory, and absolutely no sex drive!

One might think; how does one woman slide right to home base without any issues while others get clobbered at each base? There are many known “hijackers” that daily destroy or deplete the hormones that are being produced.  This will leave a woman quite alienated and alone.  She feels absolutely like she is literally going insane!!  These hijackers are quietly robbing these precious hormones or literally  block the body’s ability to make them in the amount the body is needing.

Major hijackers are daily toxins, high stress, lack of sleep, some medication, and poor diet. – Any exposure to these hijackers, cause a fight flight condition where the hormones cortisol and adrenaline are released in response to stress.  Having a long term release of these hormones will eventually cause burn out and complete exhaustion.   Soon, chronic health issues settle in for the duration of your life.  We have got to stop the madness!

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Replacing hormones are a very good idea, especially in this day and age.  Life circumstances, exposure to daily toxins, life stress out of control are major key disruptors that qualify all women to consider starting on hormone replacement.  Supplementation of any hormone, needs to be complimentary, not a challenge.  I recommend using Bio Identical hormone therapy.  Bio-identical hormones are identical in molecular structure to the hormones that we make inside our bodies. Derived primarily from plants, they are a much safer option.  Bio Identical hormone act like the hormones our bodies make. For example, one advantage of bioidentical estrogen for women is that estrogen levels from this source can be monitored in compares to the estrogen used in HRT like Premarin.  Because of this, the treatment can be individualized to the woman according to her needs. Evidence shows that Bio Identical hormone is the safest option as your body identifies it, recognizes it, knows what to do with it.  After using the hormone the metabolite is hauled off to the liver where it is properly disposed of.

According to the Yunique Medical Team, the synthetic estrogen has been proven to cause the women’s uterine lining to thicken increasing the risk of cancer.

Here at American Wellness & Rehab clinic we use Bio Identical hormones.  We are experts with the use of this type of hormone therapy, the important role of hormones in one’s overall health and how to create a personalized formula designed just for you.  Give us a call, we feel it a great honor to serve you.

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