Thermography is a radiation free screening procedure that uses heat detection to locate areas of temperature differences in the body.

The presence of a cancerous growth is associated with the excessive formation of blood vessels and inflammation in the different tissues throughout the body. These show up on the infrared image as areas with a higher skin temperature.

With this advanced digital equipment and recent advancements in technology and image processing, this has lead to superior detection of heat waves picking up diseased or inflamed cells finding cancer at an early stage

Thermography has been used for breast cancer detection since 1956. The thermoscan was cleared by the FDA in 1982 as an adjudicative procedure for breast cancer screening.

Some neurological processes show excessive cold or hypothermia.


Not only can the thermogram pick up excess body/cell heat, but using the shadowed image of the thermogram will allow us to assess for any leaching of excessive estrogen down into the breast tissue. The image just to your left shows breast tissue with excessive stored estrogen in the left breast placing this patient at a very high risk of a future breast cancer.

Using a functional medical approach, we would place this patient on a very specific protocol to help the liver detoxify the excess amount of stored estrogen along with complimenting the bowel with support to flush this excess estrogen from the body.

The Thermography is a very wonderful and unique tool we use at American Wellness & Rehab Clinic to detect for early cell disruption, damage, and or excess inflammation that places each cell at risk for cancer.