Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system attacks joint tissue causing inflammation and pain. With any autoimmune disease, once our body starts to create an antibody against different parts of our body, it is a daily struggle to keep the immune system calm and quiet and avoid tissue damage.

Stress and our diet is known to be a major “trigger” that seems to flare up RA symptoms. Much is said about the gut and its role in autoimmune disease. Dr. Steven Grundy, a well known cardiologist uses a restorative health model to help heal the gut by diet and food choices. He feels that you must keep the microbiome (the good bugs and the bad bugs that live in our intestine) happy and balanced. If there is a disruption of this balance, there will be a very high risk of a bacteria and foreign protein invasion across the gut lining out into the blood stream.

When there is a break in our gut defense, our immune system is alerted and our body will naturally inflame and swell to try fighting off the bad guys. The very sad part of this scenario is the fact that our immune system was “tricked” by the impostor and begins to fight against its own joint tissue.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is 2-3 times more common in women.

Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms may come and go and is very unpredictable…

Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms:

  • Painful, Swollen, Warm Joints
  • Pain and stiffness lasting for more than 30 minutes in the morning or after a long rest.
  • Inflamation in the finger joints and wrists, neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, ankles, or feet.
  • Symetrical pattern of inflammation, meaning both sides of the body are impacted at once
  • Fatigue, occasional fever, and a general feeling of discomfort

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms described above, it’s important to talk with your doctor about whether or not you could be suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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