Chronic illness is on the rise. With the extra chemical burden and toxic exposure all of us face, we have a tremendous challenge to beat the odds that may lead us down the path of chronic illness.

A chronic illness is having a health condition or a disease that has persisted longer than three months.

Most individuals that have a chronic illness have been told that there is no cure but their symptoms can be controlled through lifestyle changes including diet and exercise, and with certain medications.

Some examples of chronic illnesses are heart disease, autoimmune disease, diabetes, arthritis, and kidney disease.

We at American Wellness & Rehab Clinic are skilled and specifically trained in certain protocols to help you with your chronic illness. We provide specialized coaching to establish a personalized treatment plan to help you with remodeling your lifestyle. We use a functional medical approach leading us to the root of the cause. This allows us to help you reverse the damage done, helping your body to heal and correct imbalances.

Anyone who suffers with a chronic illness recognizes the tremendous life changes that can take place robbing you of your independence and joy for life. Please make that call today. Let us help you regain your health.