Autoimmune Diseases

There are over 80 million Americans known to have some kind of autoimmune disease. These autoimmune diseases include type 1 diabeteslupusrheumatoid arthritismultiple sclerosiscolitisCrohn’s diseaseHashimoto thyroiditisSjogrens disease, and many other that are becoming more and more common.

Out of all these autoimmune diseases, there is one root biochemical
process that is in common: the body attacks itself.

There is evidence of an immune system that has gotten out of control causing a systemic inflammatory response resulting in the body attacking its own tissues. With this intense inflammation, there are daily challenging symptoms including pain, swelling, fatigue, and lastly, a chronic disability.

There is more and more data available each year that describes how important our gut is in stopping foreign invaders from breaking down our defense. Dr. Steven Grundy in his book “The Plant Paradox” describes how “all autoimmune diseases are caused by alterations in the good bugs and the bad bugs that live in your gut, and your mouth, and on your skin, along with a change in the permeability of your gut wall and mouth and gums”.

Our immune system is the first line of defense for anything that breaks through our gut wall. Sometimes there are foreign proteins that cross through this wall that mimics our own protein tricking our immune system.

It gets so confused on what is the bad guy and what is the good guy that our own tissues get caught in the crossfire.

Traditional medicine accepts this problem, but stops there without really looking for what could be causing the imbalance and the self- attack. Using a Functional Medical approach will help to find the source or cause of the autoimmune disease and help you fix the problem.

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