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People describe infertility as the inability to conceive within six months of trying when one is 35 years or younger. The statement is not entirely correct because any particular woman can be fertile or infertile at different times of the month. The infertile case can also shift when they change certain aspects of their life, while a perfectly fertile woman with a couple of children can eat themselves to infertility.

Infertility occurs from many different underlying conditions, including blocked tubes, imbalanced hormones, or other severe medical conditions. Prevailing infertility should get further analysis from our specialist via a medical interview and complete infertility evaluation. American Wellness offers three major fertility solutions but may include additional ones like IVF donor options in Salt Lake City according to the recipient’s health. The main treatments include:

  • Lifestyle and health changes
  • Intense blood work to establish specific issues
  • Ultrasound changes

Overview of our Salt Lake infertility Treatment

Blood work

The first step of treating infertility is to complete the evaluation to detect structural abnormalities like PCOS. We also examine your maternal age and look at hormonal imbalances before getting on with more invasive treatments. We will draw the blood on specific days of your cycle to bring out fertility hormones’ actual status. The following is a standard list of infertility blood tests at the female and male infertility center in Utah:

  • FSH
  • Estradiol
  • LH
  • AMH
  • Serum progesterone
  • Prolactin
  • Androgen

Lifestyle changes

Most people are aware that they should make lifestyle changes to conceive and have a successful pregnancy. Our team will curate a healthier lifestyle for your specific conditions and illnesses with pinpoint therapies to boost your overall health and multiply your conception opportunities. As a rule of thumb, adopting these basic healthy routines is enough to set you up for immediate fertility treatments and healthy pregnancy.

  • Quit smoking – Smoking ages the ovaries and reduces the quality of eggs. It can damage the fallopian tube and increase the chances of miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Maintain a healthy weight – Obesity and extreme weight loss are both detrimental to the conception process. Women are at the end of both spectrums are at risk of ovulatory problems, including lack of enough body heat to support a standard conception and healthy pregnancy.
  • Stop alcohol and caffeine consumption – Common knowledge is that alcohol causes many various ovulation problems. Please get rid of both stimulants or limit their use as per our specialized fertility doctors’ instructions.
  • Practice safe sex – Unprotected sex is not as harmless and jolly as most of us would wish. You can contract STDs that permanently damage your fallopian tubes and uterus, which severs any ability to conceive or carry a healthy baby to full term.
  • Adjust the diet – Modern women do not have the luxury of staying home to prepare organic meals and relax their minds from the stress of work and other mundane demands. Unfortunately, they have to reach for processed or fast foods just to get through a typical workday. The fertility specialists’ referrals indicate that we should help you find small effective ways of tweaking your diet to a healthy scale, so you can give your hormones the proper nutritional support and maintain a healthy weight.

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