Quick Peek 15-16 week Prenatal Essentials with Gender Reveal

  • 30-minute session
  • Confirm single or multiple gestation
  • Baby’s Heartbeat and Movement
  • Early Placenta Location
  • Gender
  • Summary

Quick Peek Package includes 6-8 2D B&W images, 2 video clips and Summary page on USB.  $ 60 singleton  – $ 90 twins

Important note: Sneek-a-Peek sonograms do not include measurements to determine gestational age or estimate due dates. For a complete diagnostic ultrasound please contact your prenatal healthcare provider.

AWRC requires that you have a referral from your prenatal care provider for Sneek-a-Peek sonograms. Please come to your appointment with note from your provider and a full bladder.

Our guarantee; To determine gender with confidence, we recommend scanning no sooner than 15 weeks if we cannot determine gender at your first visit, you may return for a quick look within 5-7 days at no extra cost.