Our Menopause Journey – Beauty or the Beast?

Have you ever talked to a menopausal woman who relays her story “I didn’t even know I was in menopause until my doctor told me”.  Seriously?  To be so lucky!  Most women seem to experience a few symptoms to many symptoms as her body transitions out of of being a baby factory.  Symptoms may range from insomnia to night sweats, or they may include brain fog, mood changes, weight gain, hot flashes, and finally, ending up with a flat line in her libido!

Yes, menopause has an upside – you could get fitter


As one looks at the mechanics of shutting down a pair of ovaries, this can be a very lengthy and slow process.  The body needs time adjusting to this change.  On average, the beginning or Perimenopause, begins around 45 years of age with a final goodbye to the last period at around age 53.  This journey was designed to be wonderful and welcoming.  You deserve this time.  Your body worked hard for years, cycling monthly to ensure the arrival of another generation of your species.  Your body created and carried babies during a span of 20-25 years, and now it is time to rejoice the ending of this journey.


So, why is one woman having to go through every possible symptom of menopause, while others don’t recall any?  Why does one woman feel she is going utterly insane, while one might comment “my periods were heavier is all”  Every woman will have her own unique story regarding her experience going through menopause, none will be the same.

Life was hell but our GPs didn't believe we had started menopause in our 40s

Each one of us women is the creator of our own destiny.  Literally!  The design of this transition into menopause is unique, wonderful, and has your back.  It is US, yes, it is US that screws this up.  Look at your lifestyle?  Most women are in the work place, in very demanding jobs.  Her daily stress is absolutely crazy high!  So what has this high stress got to do with your menopausal story?  High stress equals high cortisol.  High cortisol equals adrenal fatigue.  Adrenal fatigue equals no production of hormones for the day…..too busy getting you from the Lion!.  If each of woman could step back, take a breath, remember to take care of herself, she would  be able to make the hormones on demand as the body needs it.  Our adrenal glands take over ALL hormone production once those ovaries shut down.  We were designed with this back up plan.  It is us and our disrupted lives, that blocks the adrenal glands from making the hormones that our body needs leaving us lacking.

Some women do not have many choices for lifestyle and stress changes.  There are supplements, Bio Identical hormones, and other stress management routines that are out there to help you with this transition.  Every woman deserves to experience a wonderful story as she looks back at her menopausal  journey.

I specialize in women’s health and absolutely understand what you are going through.  Please give me a call and let me help you understand this special journey and teach you the tools to keep your story special.

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