My Guardian Angel – Vitamin D

Vitamin D

More Vitamin D, Lower Risk of Severe COVID-19?

Vitamin D is known as the “sunshine vitamin” as it it produced by our own body in response to the ultra violet rays from the sun hitting our skin.

Vitamin D is a constant player in calcium metabolism, bone production, and phosphorus levels.  Vitamin D has the important job to see that calcium gets absorbed into the body.   These factors are very critical for the maintenance of healthy bones

Science has shown that there is a vitamin D receptor (VDR) found on almost every cell in our body.  What does this mean?  That each of these cells need vitamin D to help get different jobs done.  The VDR acts in the nucleus of  the cells to regulate the expression of the genes of that cell – mainly those that control mineral balance.   But, VDR has also been identified in the dermal fibroblasts and keratinocytes of skin, immune cells, specially selected cardiovascular cell types, along with cellular components of many other tissues.  The diagram below summarizes the different cells that needs vit D to ensure balance.


Biological roles of the vitamin D hormone. The three-dimensional structu...


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Vitamin D truly is our guardian angel watching over each of our cells and protecting them from all harm


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People living in the mountain states have a tremendous struggle in keeping vitamin D levels adequate.  As they live high up in the mountains and very far from the equator, the exposure to the needed ultraviolet rays is just not enough.  Then, to top this off, the mountain states have a winter season that blocks the sun rays not allowing much vitamin D exposure at all.    It is known, that simply adding an over-the-counter vitamin D supplement can make improvements in the vitamin D level in just three to four months‘ time.  Residents living in the mountain states need to take a vitamin D supplement every day.

At American Wellness & Rehab, we check vitamin D levels in all of our patients and encourage dosing with supplementations to reach our goal of > 50.  We encourage you to come in now to get your vitamin D level checked to see how you are doing.















Vitamin D- Metabolism, Absorption & Dietary

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