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If high deductibles plans and copays are keeping you awake at night, then the thought of no or low deductible health plan may sound like a dream come true to you. At Fast Health Quotes, we’re here to let you understand the high, low, or no-deductible plans and help you find the policy that meets your health care needs.

Health insurance plans with low or no deductibles

When it comes to how expensive is an insurance plan, two factors influence the cost. These include:

  • Premium–the fee you pay per month to have insurance, whether you use it or not
  • The deductible–the amount you’ll have to pay upfront for your health care with the exemption of specific preventive care before insurance kicks in.

Low or no deductibles health plans have higher monthly premiums while your insurance benefits will kick in after a specific duration. Now, you’re probably wondering, “Is it better to have a low deductible?” Or how can I avoid paying my health insurance deductible (have a no-deductible plan)?” Well, a low or no deductible may appeal to you if:

  • You’re planning to become pregnant or are pregnant
  • You’re going to have surgery within the plan year
  • You’ve got a chronic condition that needs regular medical care
  • You take pricy prescription drugs
  • You or your kids engage in sports especially in high-risk sports

Choosing between low or high deductible plan

If you’re looking to enroll in either high or low deductible plans, it’s imperative to understand that no health insurance plan is better than the other. The simplest thing you need to do is comparing both plans and selecting the one that meets your unique needs. Working with our team of professional insurance agents is probably the finest bet at finding coverage that perfectly suits your budget and requirements.

The young and healthy people may need nothing more than preventive medical care, and in this case, a high-deductible plan may be a good fit. On the other hand, low/no deductible may be more appealing to the older, those with chronic health issues, or anyone who needs frequent medical intervention. Below are two crucial tips to help you settle on an either high or low deductible plan:

  • For high deductible, consider if you’ll be in a position to meet higher deductibles before your insurance benefits kick in.
  • For low or no deductible, consider how much you can afford pay when you get sick plus the monthly premium before your plan benefits kick in.

Let’s help you choose the perfect health insurance 

Are you looking to get the best medical coverage? Do you want to comprehend what is the average deductible for health insurance efficiently? Then we’re here to help you pick the best plan and offer you any information you need about healthcare coverage.

Whether you need a high or low deductible health plan, then Fast Health Quotes is capable of finding the top affordable individual and family health insurance plan for you. Please reach us now we’ll be happy to assist you.

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