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Live In Drug Rehab Centers Near Me

Some drug treatment centers offer inpatient as well as outpatient drug rehab programs in CA. Others provide either of the two. When selecting a rehab facility, the most important aspect to consider is the quality of treatment you’ll receive. Whether inpatient or outpatient, the addiction treatment center should meet your needs and help you reach your recovery goals.

At The Heavenly Center, we provide outpatient treatment that rivals the finest inpatient rehab programs. Residents looking to ‘live in drug rehab centers near me’ stand to benefit more from our less-restrictive program compared to a residential setting.

Benefits of Our World-Class Outpatient Treatment Compared to the Benefits of Inpatient Treatment, And Why Our Outpatient Services are More Flexible and Less Restrictive

Whether you choose inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment, you stand to benefit from top-of-the-line care that leads to recovery if you go to the finest facility. Inpatient treatment requires your residency at a rehab facility. During the duration of your program, you’ll put on hold all other obligations, including work, school, and family.

At a residential rehab, you will receive high-intensity treatment, which is essential for complete recovery. You’ll also be under the care of medical doctors, psychologists, and therapists who will oversee your recovery 24/7.

Inpatient rehab provides a distraction-free environment where you can truly focus on your recovery. Without work or family responsibilities, you’ll be able to put all your attention on getting better. Premier residential centers ensure that the location of the facility is serene and fosters a relaxing atmosphere where you can disconnect from daily stressors. This boosts your mental healing and overall well-being.

Benefits of Our Outpatient Treatment

While inpatient drug rehab treatment in California seems like the best option, our world-class outpatient programs at The Heavenly Center provide greater benefits. Many people fail to attend rehab because of family, school, and work obligations.

At our outpatient center, you can get treatment while fulfilling your daily responsibilities. This removes the worry of losing your job, wages, or neglecting dependents in your family. Being able to stay with your family and go to work doesn’t mean you’ll give up the intensive care you deserve.

We provide intensive outpatient treatment for 6 days each week during the first phase of rehabilitation. Our intensive outpatient program includes daily group therapy meetings and an individual session with your therapist weekly. We keep you engaged enough to receive the same amount of care you’d get at an inpatient facility.

As you progress with treatment, your schedule will become less restrictive since you’ll spend less time in therapy. By the time you’re attending only 3 group therapy sessions per week, you’ll have gained adequate skills to lead a substance-free life outside our treatment facility.

Cost-wise, you will spend much less coming to our outpatient rehab compared to an inpatient program. Outpatient treatment is generally cheaper than residential rehab. Still, at The Heavenly Center, we make it more affordable with our low-cost addiction treatment in CA and flexible payment plans.

Finally, our rehab allows you to benefit from the support of close family and friends. While being away from distractions is beneficial at a residential center, it’s easy to get lonely and discouraged without your loved ones to support you. Family or friends invested in your recovery make it bearable and provide vital support throughout your outpatient treatment.

Unexcelled Outpatient Program

It’s understandable that when seeking treatment, you may prefer to live in drug centers near me.’ But, at The Heavenly Center, we provide outpatient care that surpasses most inpatient rehabs in California. Here, you’ll not only benefit from top treatment and therapy plans, but you’ll also enjoy financial relief almost similar to free drug rehab centers. Contact The Heavenly Center for the best outpatient addiction treatment in all of California: 855-9THCNOW.

Live In Drug Rehab Centers Near Me