Infertility and Estrogen Progesterone Ratio

Most of you ladies may not know this, but having a balance in your estrogen and progesterone is critical when it comes to starting out with a baby.  In the world today, a woman is constantly being bombarded with chemicals.  These chemicals challenge her body daily in keeping a balance in her progesterone and estrogen.  Having the slightest shift will disrupt her delicate balance causing infertility.

Hormone Balancing


Chemicals mimic estrogen, and are known as Xenoestrogens.  They hang around our cells with nothing to do.  When our cells send out a signal that they need estrogen, these imposters quickly land on the receptors, blocking the real estrogen from landing on there.  They can do this because they ‘fit’.  But guess what?  They cannot get past the membrane into the cell so they are of no good.  Now, our cells are fit to be tied!!  They are  needing estrogen  for special pathways, but there is no way for the estrogen to get into the cell to get the job done.

Many a time, I witness women trying to start her family but she is unable to do so because of the estrogen progesterone ratio is too far off balance.  Having a higher level of estrogen can cause the follicle to grow too fast and get release too soon.  Not only this, but having a high level of estrogen shows the progesterone to be too low to even sustain a pregnancy if a woman did start out with a pregnancy.

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The Truth About Xenoestrogens and Estrogen Dominance


To be successful in getting pregnant, a woman must be aware.  She must put forth the effort to lowering her levels of Xenoestrogens and to her exposure.

Here at American Wellness & Rehab Clinic, we work with all women trying to conceive.  We watch the estrogen progesterone very closely as part of our work up.  We assist and encourage the woman to eat healthy,  manage her stress, and watch the estrogen/progesterone ratio.  Lessening or blocking her exposure to these harmful chemicals make a great impact on her starting out and having a successful pregnancy.  We encourage you to come in for a consultation today and let us help you begin your family.

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