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Blood and other sample tests are fundamental procedures in medical diagnosis. Blood work serves as guidelines when treatment is being done on a patient.

It helps doctors:

  • Check for certain diseases and conditions.
  • It helps to check the functionalities of body tissues, organs, and systems.
  • Detect irregularities of organs such as the heart, liver, kidney.
  • Make an accurate diagnosis of diseases such as heart disease, cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, organ failure. 
  • Check the body responses to medications and determine the efficiency of a particular medication or treatment plan.

Laboratory Procedures for Blood Work

Blood tests are done in lab testing centers in Murray, UT, and follows a set of procedures:

  • Blood Collection
  • Blood separation or culture
  • Analysis
  • Diagnosis

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Blood work Facility and Services

Do I Need a Doctor’s Order to do Blood and Lab Testing in Murray?

No, our laboratory service is a walk-in facility that doesn’t require a doctor’s order before a test can be done. We have experts that you can talk to if you have not had any prior visits with the doctor.

With a description of signs and symptoms, we can recommend specific tests for our patients, although a doctor’s visit is necessary and should be regular.

How Do I Prepare for a Blood Test?

Different blood works require different modes of preparation. There are general ways of preparation that can be done when going for a blood testing in Murray, Utah, such as :

  • Some blood tests require fasting, and some do not. 
  • Hydration: Drink a lot of water or liquid. This helps blood flow and circulation.
  • Try to stay warm; it is easier to find veins when the body is warm
  • Keep your skin moisturized, especially the area that will be punctured or pricked by the needle

Are Blood Tests Painful?

There is a slight pain when the needle is inserted under the skin to draw blood and pulled out. 

The process is painless for some people, and generally, discomfort is short-lived.

For patients with fear of needles or irritations, numbing creams can be applied a few minutes or hours before the test.

Are Test Results Easy to Interpret?

The test results are made as understandable as possible. It is crucial, however, to discuss lab results with medical professionals.

They will help with result analysis and give feedback on the presence or absence of abnormalities.

Are my Results Confidential?

Our blood work facility in Murray, UT, treats every patient, document, profile, and result as confidential.

Our patient’s privacy is guaranteed, and the lab results are given only to them. In cases where patients are indisposed to collect their results themselves, written consent is needed before being released to a representative.

Should I Follow up on Results From my Blood Test in Murray, UT?

Some medical conditions require periodic tests and follow-up. It is important to maintain strong communication with your doctor, get the necessary analysis done to get the best treatment plans.

Our blood work facility in Murray, UT, improves the ease of medical diagnosis. Schedule your first appointment today at American Wellness and Rehab Clinic: 801-327-8700

Blood Work Facility Murray UT

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