Autoimmune Disease Therapy Murray

Autoimmune illnesses like arthritis and lupus are challenging to diagnose and treat. While they all have the same underlying condition of the body attacking its cells, each type manifests differently. This case means the diseases will have different treatment options for the best healing possibilities.

Some natural wellness and rehab autoimmune diseases have dramatic results on the body, while others need a combination of treatments to progress positively. It is often a mystery why treatment may not work for certain autoimmune diseases; hence most people will give up before finding relief. In other cases, the body will react with violent side effects or develop antibodies to resist the medication. In Murray, autoimmune disease therapy makes treatments more effective by focusing on the whole person instead of isolated symptoms.

What to expect with autoimmune therapy treatments

Dietary changes

Dietary factors play a role in symptoms like inflammation and diminished immunity because they affect the gut, which we all know is the second brain. Scientists establish that improving the diet should have the aim of recruiting microbes to fight autoimmune diseases. A good diet strengthens the intestinal lining and forms a barrier against interference by microbes and toxins.

We will also perform blood work to determine which nutrients you need to alleviate autoimmune skin disease symptoms and strengthen your body against bouts of immunity attacks. It is worth discussing how different supplements play a role in improving your nutritional power and the best ways to take them for optimal health.

Active lifestyle

Exercise is a safe solution for most autoimmune illnesses. It improves the quality of life by improving mobility, mood, and energy levels, to keep your heart rate and mind alert. We do not recommend adopting any generic exercise routine but using our professional service to find what will work best. It is also advisable you listen to your body and only do what feels right because the purpose of treatment is to support your recovery, not cause strain.


Fatigue is a common complaint about people battling an autoimmune illness. They cannot work the same jobs as healthy people because their bodies cannot keep up with long hours of intense mental processes. We suggest and help you with programs that will let you get at least 7-8 hours of a restful night.

Stress reduction

A high amount of cortisol impairs the brain and triggers the development of an autoimmune illness. American Wellness Rehab works with specialists to help you control non-medical factors that cause social or mental fatigue. We may not identify all the barriers and mental challenges for you but will ease how you address each one by improving the overall brain health. In addition to the functional medicine techniques mentioned above, we may perform brain care therapies to boost the power and body therapies like massages and thermography to relax your muscles and nerves.

It is time to discuss your treatment concerns and challenges if you experience any flare-ups or conventional treatments’ intolerable effects. Reach out to  801-327-8700  now to book a schedule or consultation.


Autoimmune Disease Therapy Murray

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Autoimmune Disease Therapy Murray

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