Autism Wellness Facility Salt Lake

Our autism wellness facility offers the best care for neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism and other mental disabilities. We have a strong belief in our patient’s recovery and have made provisions for everything needed to make that a reality. 

We have a fully equipped autism treatment center in Salt Lake City, professionals, and staff that are dedicated to helping out during the treatment process.

An Overview of Our Autism Wellness Facility

We understand and respect the uniqueness of our patients and have designed individualized treatments for each of our patients and their families.

Our Professionals

 Our professionals are a core part of our program. We have medical practitioners, therapists, and experienced staff members.

Our experts;

  • Understand every detail of our treatment plan and when to use a particular treatment solution depending on age and other factors.
  • Involve family members of patients in the treatment plans.
  • Engage patients of all ages and create a warm and welcoming environment for them.

Our Services

Our treatment plan is a combination of different processes and interventions. They include:

Diagnostic Assessment

We conduct a detailed assessment of our patients to determine their unique cases and proffer individual-based treatment solutions. The evaluation is done by experts and is very thorough. The results from the assessment will determine the next phase of treatment.

Behavioral Intervention Program

This is a program focused on the behavior of patients. It teaches communication, social skills, self-care, academic activities. There are different types;

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

It involves the use of encouragement and repetition to help a patient to learn some behaviors and skills. We teach children skills that will benefit them and help their dependency.

  • Verbal Behavior Therapy (VBT)

This is mostly targeted at nonverbal children. They are encouraged to express themselves more with words. This therapy focuses on communication skills.

  • Cognitive-behavioral Therapy(CBT)

This therapy helps children to understand triggers and how to respond to them through purposeful practice.

We also provide a wide variety of other behavioral services in our children’s autism center such as; behavioral consultation, parent training, school consultation, transition services, early intensive behavioral intervention.

Outpatient Psychotherapy Program

We have an outpatient program for patients who have little or no communication issues and can engage in therapy sessions. Our outpatient program includes: 

  • Individual-based therapy
  • Group support therapy
  • School support
  • Crisis support 

Complex Behavior Program

Some patients require extra monitoring in a conducive environment. These patients undergo the complex behavior program. 

They have communication issues, have limited control over feelings and emotions, and have complicated behaviors. They are treated and cared for in our autism wellness facility in Salt Lake. 

They are taught behavioral substitution, communication, patience, and emotional control. They undergo intensive day treatment, family intervention, and support.

Our autism spectrum disorder clinic is accessible to all ages, children, and adults. And we combine other forms of treatment and activities such as; acupuncture, physical therapy, holistic pediatrics, and so on. Recovery is a process that we make as steady as possible for both our patients and their families in our autism wellness facility in Salt Lake. Schedule your first appointment today at American Wellness and Rehab Clinic: 801-327-8700

Autism Wellness Facility Salt Lake

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